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Discount Coupons

What is a discount coupon?
A discount coupon is a discount you get, when you complete your purchase, in the e-shop cart. Just fill in the code given, when you will be asked by the system.

Difference between offer and discount coupon
Discount coupon: You need to have a code to "unlock" your discount.
Offer: You do not need to have a code to get an offer. As in stores, the offer is already applied to the price of the product.

- If you have a discount coupon from our promotions, you can use it in one of your next orders.
- The discount coupons are valid only for purchases through our on line store
- For each order you make, you can use only one coupon.
- Coupons, unless otherwise stated in each contest or offer, are strictly personal and non-transferable.
- In case of coupon redemption and consequent cancellation of the order, the value of the coupon will not be refunded, either in partial or in total cancellation.
- The company reserves the right to unilaterally modify these terms, as well as to shorten or extend the duration of the action or to cancel it for any reason.

Coupon Categories

Create your account and take advantage of a €5 discount on your first order. By registering on our website and the completion of your first order, you win a €5 discount. Just go to the shopping cart and enter the code "CBD 420" in the "USE COUPON CODE" field. This coupon is redeemed once for each registered user from our e-shop.