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Reward points

Earn Euros with our point reward system! Along with every purchase you conclude from our online store over € 100, your account is credited with points! Redeem the points you have gathered in one of your next purchases and earn a discount on the final value of your order! Please find below details about Hempower’s point reward system!

How you collect points:

All our products have a correspondence with reward points. Every time your total order exceeds the amount of € 100, the euros of your purchases are converted into points and are registered into your account. The correspondence for collecting points is € 1 = 1 point and are redeemed at a ratio of 1 point = 0.1 €. In case of decimals, the provided rounding will be applied.

Example of collecting and redeeming points:

 100€ order = 100 points drop into your account = 10,00€ discount on your next order

150€ order = 150 points drop into your account = 15,00€ discount on your next order

225€ order = 225 points drop into your account = 22,50 € discount on your next order

Upon a successful completion of a purchase and after the payment of your order, the points are automatically saved in your account, to use in one of your next orders.

Reward Points are valid for all customers?

Reward Points are valid only for retail customers who make online purchases from our e-shop by creating a Customer Account. The points system does not apply in the following cases:

a) For telephone orders

b) For online shopping as a "Visitor/Guest"

c) For wholesale customers

How you find the number of points in your account:

When you login to your Hempower Account, you click into your account menu and go to the option "Reward Points". In that field, you will see a detailed analysis of the points you have accumulated. Your available points for redemption are also shown in the final step of the shopping cart for your convenience.

How you can use the points you have collected:

- Before you start the process of your next purchase, log in to your account by selecting "Account - Login".

- Select the products you want and go to the shopping cart.

- Fill in the reward points you want to redeem in the corresponding field and complete your purchase.  You do not need to collect a certain number of points in order to redeem them.


- The points are updated in your account every time an order over € 100 is completed and paid.

- Points cannot be transferred to another person or account.

- Reward points are not activated on the products on offer.